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Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil, and Fine Gael: how independence spilt a unified movement in three

The overwhelming majority of countries and their political landscapes essentially boil down to political ideology between the more progressively inclined left-wing and the traditional leaning right-wing. However, Irish political history is a little more complicated. It is not driven by the political spectrum in a traditional sense, existing directly as a result of the consequences of colonialism.

How music impacts on our mental health

Music is one of the few constants of life in a world which is always in a never-ending state of change. We listen to music, play music, or write music almost on a daily basis, making it an indispensable part of our lives. It helps to evoke excitement on a night out having fun, comforts us through a rough break-up or the death of a loved one and can be a tool to help transport us to a place in our minds which does not exist in the physical world.

Social Pressures Affecting Mental Health

(Originally published in the Western People, an Irish based local newspaper on July 4th 2016.) In Ireland in 2016, the teenagers and young adults of this country are faced with increasing pressure to be successful amongst an unstable global environment. This pressure is a major factor as to why one in five young people suffer from a mental health issue, yet a stigma still exists regarding mental health that we cannot seem to drop.